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It’s really important to understand the purpose of the law in society! The law serves an important role in protecting the citizens and any other kind of the subject that the law may be relevant to. let’s consider the key principle purposes of law in society!

Maintaining order

Notably, when the law is enforced, the order is always maintained! This is something that the law was really meant for, its the only factor that has led to universal peace in almost all parts of the world. The order that every society has is actually the fruit of the law that has been enforced! You can peacefully walk around, get to anywhere because of law!

It’s the source of society standards

The law is the only tool that sets up the minimal standards of any given society! That’s why some workers are considered legal while others are illegal. It’s the set laws of the society that will explain if a certain idea is a crime or not! The legislative body of any given society is actually responsible for the determination of certain levels of standards that will govern the nation. The law is the only reference that will separate between a crime and an act of humanity!

The law plays a role in resolving disputes

Disputes are the day to day occurrences that will arise almost everywhere following a disagreement between two parties! It’s the law that will be used to bring sanity and peace between the two warring parties. All issues will be presented and then the law takes its course to determine the solution to such disputes. Most nations will really do this dispute resolution through a court system though there are other less formal means that will ensure that the disputes are solved! All these means are still recognized by the law and the decision they give are acceptable by law!

The law protects human rights!

It’s through a law that someone can stand and say that his rights have been infringed! If there was no law, then no one could have bothered on the rights of the fellow humans. It’s through the law that the artist, the teachers, doctors, the peasant farmers, the employers, employees and any other form of system stands! It’s the law that defines human rights and therefore every other person is actually protected by law! We are entitled to various liberties because of law that’s why everyone has freedom of speech! It’s a constitutional right that the law accords every citizen.

The smooth running of all the systems in society is because of the law! It’s the law that has made people differentiate between good and evil. You need laws in your day to day lives so as to have the freedom and peace! It’s the only agent of peace in all nations. Learn more about laws by seeking the law essay help that has detailed information on the roles of law in the societies! No nation thrives without laws and that’s why you need to understand what the laws state!

Post Author: Stephen Kelley